How do I use a condom to be optimally protected?
 What is the best way to put a condom on?
  How do you guarantee the quality of the condoms?
 Which materials are your condoms made of?
 How do condoms smell?
  How about the fit of condoms?
 I can't put the condom on. How come?
 Are your condoms and lubricants tested on animals?
 Are the condoms and lubricants suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
 Do your condoms and lubricants contain parabens, perfumes, fragrances, colours or flavours?
Order and delivery
 How can I order at your webshop?
 How is my order sent?
 Will my order be sent discreetly?
 What are the shipping costs?
 When will my order be sent?
 Can I have my order delivered to another address?
 What if my order does not arrive?
 Which payment methods do you have?
 Can I pay afterwards?
Cancel and return
 Can I cancel my order?
 How can I return (one or more) items?
Algemene voorwaarden
 Where can I find your General Terms and Conditions?
Sex and condoms
 Sex with or without a condom?
 Condoms and penis sizes
 Is a condom a suitable alternative for the pill?
 The condom has torn. What now?
  How can a condom tear?
 Erection problems when using a condom?
  First time anal, what do you need to know?
 Contraception after childbirth?
 Sex and menstruation
 STDs and oral sex
Common mistakes with condoms
 The first time
  Putting on the condom can be fun!